Since the introduction of the Telecommunications act of 1996 there have been many changes in vendors, local and long distance rates, tariffs and taxes. There are many more "options" under deregulation, which often makes it more difficult to understand exactly what service an organization has/needs. The various vendors’ billing systems generally add to the confusion. UtilityONE will analyze your company’s telecommunications requirements for the following:

Local Phone Service

  • Evaluate current local billing for the most cost effective same vendor alternative products matched with your organization’s calling patterns

  • Audit bills for current rates, tariffs, and taxes to insure correct billing and investigate possible credits or refunds

  • Research the technical capabilities of your phone system to eliminate redundancy and reduce monthly local telecom costs

  • Evaluate alternative local service providers that would further reduce costs, while maintaining or enhancing service

Long Distance/Voice/Data/Internet
  • Evaluate call flow to determine the most cost effective plan based on your organizations calling patterns and usage on a line by line basis

  • Complete analysis to compute actual rates for Intralata, Intrastate and Interstate traffic to determine what you actually pay versus what your carrier advertised you would pay

  • Audit all Long Distance, Voice, Data, and, Internet billing to ensure

      a. proper tariffs are implemented
      b. lowest rates are being billed
      c. incremental billing is correctly activated
      d. no improper surcharges are billed
      e. service level agreements are met
      f. rates are competitive for voice data and
         internet service

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